joie de vivre

... an explosion of ideas from my child-like heart & artist filled imagination ...
from #ME2U ...
*** these masterpieces are mine, unless I had a muse, I desired to share & this all represents moments in my life that I wanna share with #YOU ***
hearts #ME
...all of it...

everyone deserves power//
in all forms///

If you take
a moment
to think — really think
about this whole entire big picture you may see that
them not having power is
like you not having power…

the judgements are not yours they are not what you want truly in your heart of all hearts

children/women/men &animals
are dying /// some without power /// & some of you seem happy about it?

everyone deserves the same rights as you // as vice versa // mirror mirror //
imagine this moment if you didn’t have power in any way…truly… look within…
it would be/feel just awful in every way…

It’s this thing where you have to stop for a moment & actually think… It’s easy…

see I did that today &
the only solution —- I see // me // a girl from canada who is actually not — not at all — from any of the countries at war // so I am 100% sure that it is from a unaware standpoint of the historical nature of the wars history // hatred // war aspect // any lingering hatred towards anyone // that I share this message…

the people I have met here in Canada from from every country that is having a war over there…

to me are some of the coolest people… & are some absolutely wonderful humans & in every different way & style & to me that is beautiful in my eyes… we all are pretty cool at some level I am sure…
we all coexist by acceptance of each other & agreeing to allow people to be themselves…or atleast try… we try to open our minds to the possibility that everyone is good at heart…

I have learned quite abit about other peoples’ viewpoints & some are from some passionate people// sites from those countries // all sides & I was broken & then when…

…when I saw children being trained to hurt another human it made me feel gross inside… I needed to speak up & share another perspective… I am not sure if it will help,

But…it hurt to think that hatred like that still exist… & is being shared…

see for awhile I could not understand also why things are the way they are & what I could do to help create peace…

& then I realized
that people do not know
that they
themselves do not hate
— they are taught//trained//made by thoughts//words//images surrounding us…

all people
all types
all religions
if they are truly rooted in love then they would be no violence —-

I think that the only religions that are rooted in love will be able to grow in this modern world of religious view points…

/// I do not understand why we
a world - one - world - allow these countries to continue to hurt another ///…
the love of another
like you
love yourself…

…like modern selfies
for the unaware…

it is simple & that is why it can work & be understood by all & no leaders are needed…

everyone leads themselves & guides each other….

all religions are formed on those two principles/forms/ideas

it is from a peaceful, open heart I write this… is the answer… the path that we all as one big world of a community follow together is to treat others like you want to be treated—- golden rule/path is being over thrown right now by your surroundings //

when you allow your minds to be clouded with other peoples viewpoints…
you lose your inner heart which I am sure is magically wonderful & beautiful &&& much much more…

If your going to share a message please share this…
by treating others with the same love, respect & kindness you would want & wish to have/see/be or create…
there is nothing but a good thing waiting at the end of that path…
if you just. try….


what life would be like if you were in there shoes…
would you want judgement?
or you would want a hug…

so the world is at a point that they cannot hug yet…

we can aid by sharing the right messages to hopefully see them truly handshake…
I think if people started doing this in the streets with the people they truly do not want to harm…

then leaders would/could// maybe/// the leaders would be inspired to change also /// get out of this cycle of behaviour/// or they would have no leverage over their citizens…

anything is possible /// with shared good intentions at the inner core ///

as per me… /// I have nothing to gain by writing this ///

if anything I may get more judgement for deciding to speak about my true views in life ///

we all have the power to change this to a peaceful union at any given moment by agreeing to disagree & find solutions…

we need to let go of the past…
make it a place
where killing happened…

—-Not /// is happening’ ///

action of hate is fuelling this war // alongside the action of love //
it is fuelled by what you desire innermost & that is all that matters // look within & see that no one truly wants to harm another human being // there is a way to coexist that I promise… //it is every where but in those countries at this moment & we need to aid them to see what is happening around them also
& ask people to chose not to fight & to look within for guidance…

Good intentions///

& you…
guide you
& then see
if you
still believe the powers at be to be true & just in wanting people harmed //do you feel right killing another //&&&
for what? why? what is truly to gain from those things? //
Peace in this present cannot exist…without it starting within your own thoughts of yourself…

so everyone has a chance to

x ME
…a proud to be a canadian lady who believes in world peace…

— me

i think a great compliment to give a friend (who is a girl) is something like this…

"heya, if i was a lesbian, i would totally go for ya…"

what;s your thoughts? is it offensive &/or complimentary?

oh & let me knowz…


— D

”.. rice (any//type) will lodge your SIM card slot, if you let it…
keep the slot closed when allowing your mobile phone to bask in the rice after the dip in the liquid…”

///^^^lesson. learned…///

also a BONUS lesson…
if you lose something that is a big part
of your everyday existence
…like your phone,
enjoy it…
take a ‘modern vacation’ as we would say
& live life like you use2 b4 technology or
try a stay’cation in the world of no phone for a week
(where your phone lives with another for the time frame
& you can not use it, at all…haha)
&//// see what fills your spare time////…
& enjoy it… sm:)e the whole time…
me\\ dare ya,
me… \\ double dare ya…
i. am.curious.2knowz…
the outcomes 4 u…
btw*me lasted approx. 8-9 days
this round without one…
it, kind of, well hmmm, sort of started
as a challenge at first
(with my
& feels refreshing,
i felt freedom in weird ways
& you use your inner resources more
like your inner genius gets inspired…

i felt like i was on a detour on this adventure in reality
to a time {B4 phones///left the home & got some legs}
haha …
you know the time when you looked at a watch
&/or the sky or streetlights
&/or parking meters for time,
or actually asked a person…
haha…for me…before this time…
it was not too far back, yet it is a memory of memories…
now i realize my love for this side partner
i refer to for life’s always changing roller coaster for everything i am unsure of…
i realized the power that love held in my life..
my communication station, distracted me from moments in moments of moments in time…
‘cause my focus was elsewhere… even if i felt otherwise…
i realized…i am always on, near. checking, rechecking. thinking, thinking. using my phone..
it is my modern. addition.
& so through this unexpected.
.happy. canada. day.
i got a chance to take a detour
& discover where i rather spend my time
& doing what instead///.
i like both ways in life…
both unique ways of life…
both inspiring…
both i will continue…
now only if i can find a balance///
that would be ideal///

on another level
it also opened up possibilities
i looked&searched&considered
whether a drastic change was needed in my life
& where
& now
i am streamlining…
taking back my power as a consumer&going forth w/knowledge…
[[[a wonderful forward motion inspired by the negative
=the loss of a cold hard piece of technology….
my phone, a fun companion on my life,adventure.s…]]]
(((rip…2011-2014…a side jab by black rice to the SIM card…not nice)))


& i gotz some wonderful guidance & shared knowledge from ‘the eaton centre, toronto’s apple store, specifically Lachlan Fletcher & then downstairs I went & the dudes at ‘The Source”were awesome (Mark C & Ray & good vibes in that store…they totally hooked me up & were some honest gents* i know cause’ i am smrt & i did my ‘good’ knowledge search B4 to understand the market better…
so if in toronto - head there… at least you will be guided vs mislead… cheers me

this without a phone time….has been a fun experience…hmmm?
— me
first off… take back what is yours… what do you desire? then… where & what appeals to you? & why?… then find a brand & worship them as your religion if you wish… just make sure… modern loyalty// fits in with you own morality on a *global/cutting edge tech/forward motion cozy fucken’ awesomeness level… if ya know what i’m sayin’… haha, hearts me x
— ME…
to me it is more about who you are today… if ya love yourself or not… if not…. why not? you need to ask&see, check yourself… your prolly just plain awesome. & that shit in the past thats holding you back—- is just —- shit…(wait for it)…shit, in the past…it does’nt define you »>today….see if you look back & you have grown since then…(time heals all, they have said forever)… & the tools you learn, just help you.. who you are dreaming to be can happen with baby steps, life is ever changing… the only guarantee in life is that…so if you don’t enjoy the present then change it into one you enjoy… so your future can become brighter&brighter on your path in life while you growing/stroll/run really really really fast… into becoming the most wonderful person you are looking forward into becoming in your mind/heart/body at this moment…&&&&&& Looking for the good moments… always feels better in life too & we all wanna feel better & desire to be happy on an average basis if not more in life… so i think life is just filled with moments….some just have roller coaster experiences of highs&lows of moments & lulls & others have a smooth ride.. haha… (free will) everyone determines what they want/desire at the moment & like magic it appears…thats my thoughts on this… a bit deep by heya, thats me…
— me… brain drain…

i was so,
that gurl at one point
thinkin’ abouts it…

all i really wanted was


from the people I liked,
from the people i was curious
like a kitten about,
from what I thought
I needed to be like
to get the


I desired & searched for…

it was almost like i wanted them
2 see me
like i saw them
they could feel
like i felt about them
so we could connect
share the moments
that i wanted
to share with them

I wanted to be

so I looked around me
saw what other people
did to receive that

followed those peeps advice…


I never realized that all it did
give me attention
from the people
I did not want
causing me to feel
what I wanted in one way…

still un-loved

so I got apart of what I wanted…


ponderin’ this shit now
I realized that if i was shown
a different way to get
ways on how to truly be unique

I may of learned a different way of


maybe if people tried to really show more of their
authentic, real, true wayz of livin’, lovin’ & attention seeking shit
keepin in mind
share or create a basic ‘how to’ list, a visual, fuckin’ anything that is an or are example(s) of how they really would have wanted to be taught to get the
they wanted when they were young, sad, happy or feeling unloved or un-unique…

then maybe people

just sayin’

yes…we all know proper love&attention includes blowjobs&blowjobs, blowjobs&eatingpussy, eatingpussy&eatingpussy,

— me

mirror, mirror on the wall,
you’re the most enchanting of them all…

you have all the magic elixir you need to work with so,
let the awakening begin…

remember, mirrors are reflective
they represent
the inner you
looking back
at you…

mirror, mirror on the wall,
are you still the most enchanting of them all?

remember, self-love is the prerequisite
to any other form of amour…

are you a diamond?
a reflection you want to see?
I think so…

it’s wonderful to see
raw beauty
shining back

wow your wonderful…
ps. hard work & real unconditional love got cha there so check yourself & laugh!

— me (via amodernyoda)
…So, here’s what I thinkz… i think we need to get people to realize that we need consumerism to plateau so we can focus on helping fix Mother Earth, ya know the planet that’s hold all those items we all hope to buy one day…
just. saying.
just. love. 4
Mother Earth
— Me
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